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The archery route of Castel Belfort

A dip in medieval history between archers and magic forests in Trentino Alto Adige.

The art of ancient archery comes to life again in this dedicated path in Belfort, just a couple of miles from Alt Spaur among the ruins of the ancient walls of the castle with the same name.

The ruins of the castle, dating back to 1311, are an outstanding example of medieval history and can be visited. The beautiful setting in Belfort, a unique place in Trentino, lies between the countryside and dense forests, making this outdoor experience more adventurous. The charm of the Middle Ages and the historical landscape make the sport more attractive to those who have never tried it.

In this picturesque setting, the targets are situated at various distances (up to a maximum of 50 m). There are closer ones for beginners and further targets for more experienced archers. The path starts from the castle ruins and goes through the dense surrounding forests, immersing you in a magical and traditional sport in its natural setting.

For those who want to learn this ancient sport, Mauro Zeni - Federal Instructor and partner of FIT arco, gives lessons during the summer along the walls of the ancient castle of Spormaggiore.
For more information call 0461 653391 from Monday to Saturday, the Archer Society of the Non Valley and of Sole, sect. Spormaggiore will be happy to teach you this beautiful and ancient sport.

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