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Experience the mountain from another angle

In Spormaggiore, a few meters from the ruins of Castel Belfort, is the natural cliff "The Sasedei".

This cliff was discovered only a few years ago and equipped by a local amateur sport association. It looks like a sprinkling of rocks in the forest, surrounded by a place which looks meditative and relaxing.

This is the ideal place for the ones who love a "soft version" of climbing with its calcareous wall and its calm and peaceful environment. Since it is little known and little used, it is a unique experience for those who love to explore in peace a place that looks like it belongs in fairy tales.

The cliff reaches a height of 15 meters and offers degrees of difficulty from 5 to 6 in 10 different tracks. This makes it particularly suitable for families and beginners who can approach this sport by climbing easy tracks that are well nailed (by resin) and not slippery. It should also be stressed that, since it is a natural cliff, you should have a basic knowledge of this sport and its safety rules. After periods of rain the wall is often wet and unsafe especially for beginners.

The wall, facing west, is about 800 meters above sea level, allowing you to climb in fresh air, even during the hottest season. We suggest you to visit the "The Sasedei" cliff in summer or in spring and autumn, when morning shadow and coolness make the climbing especially pleasant.

For more information, photos and trivia regarding our little cliff you can click here.

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